2021 chinese new year. 🐉 Chinese New Year 2021 in US

Remember that the energetic nature of the Ox, animal of the Chinese year 2021, makes it more difficult for new products to emerge, especially in the professional field Therefore, the name of 2021 is called Yin Metal Cow
At work, it is better to avoid confrontation with colleagues in case of opposition on the right strategies to adopt Yin metal in Chinese astrology is associated with the planet Venus, drought, and autumn
The main ceremony of the Chinese New Year is the Reunion Dinner, which is commonly believed to be the most important meal of the year According to one folktale, the Jade Emperor decided that the order of the animals would be determined according to the order by which they arrived at his party
The Rabbit should always enjoy the little joys of life in 2021 A general idea of a blessing would be an offering of good will and expression of thanks to God, and the sharing of hope that the new year is filled with goodness and cheer
In the same way, we find joy in gifting red envelopes during the Chinese New Year period Year Date Chinese Zodiac Chinese New Year Holiday 2020 January 25th Saturday Rat January 24th-30th 2021 February 12th Friday Ox February 11th-17th 2022 February 1st Tuesday Tiger January 31st to February 6th 2023 January 22nd Wednesday Rabbit January 21st-27th 2024 February 10th Saturday Dragon February 9th-15th 2025 January 29th Wednesday Snake January 28th to February 3rd 2026 February 17th Tuesday Horse February 16th-22nd 2027 February 6th Saturday Goat February 5th-11th 2028 January 26th Wednesday Monkey January 25th-31st 2029 February 13th Tuesday Rooster February 12th-18th 2030 February 3rd Sunday Dog February 2nd-8th 2031 January 23rd Tuesday Pig January 22nd-28th 2032 February 11th Wednesday Rat February 10th-16th 2033 January 31st Monday Ox January 30th to February 5th 2034 February 19th Sunday Tiger February 18th-24th 2035 February 8th Thursday Rabbit February 7th-13th 2036 January 28th Monday Dragon January 27th to February 2nd 2037 February 15th Sunday Snake February 14th-20th 2038 February 4th Thursday Horse February 3rd-9th 2039 January 24th Monday Goat January 23rd-29th 2040 February 12th Sunday Monkey February 11th-17th 2041 February 1st Friday Rooster January 31st to February 6th 2042 January 22nd Wednesday Dog January 21st-27th 2043 February 10th Tuesday Pig February 9th-15th Feel free to more questions about the Chinese New Year Date
The parade often pays homage to the animal who is being featured that year Thus, the qualities of initiative circumscribed to the values of loyalty and perfectionism, themselves nourished by an exacerbated realism, are likely to be the most coveted professional assets in 2021
Anyone born during the year of a particular animal is believed to be born with certain personality traits of that animal The Chinese New Year Parade is a fantastic spectacle of celebration of Chinese culture, history, and tradition
You should listen to your instincts and believe that they are leading you in the right direction Health People born in 2021 year of the Ox will not suffer from serious diseases in their life, but some minor diseases
At work, these may be moments when he will have to adapt to new and surprising situations The Chinese New Year is rooted in the legend of Nian the demon, and his eventual riddance by the old man who refused to flee from the village
Traditional mooncakes lotus bean-filled cakes and Rabbit-shaped cakes the Rabbit is the zodiac animal associated with the moon are eaten on this day Chinese New Year is filled with relaxing and eating alongside treasured family members and friends