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The conditions for leaving France will vary according to your destination country and vaccination status.


Those seeking asylum or stateless person status may contact OFPRA only by email at the address indicated on their appointment letter.

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It is really important that your drivers are fully aware of this requirement which will directly affect their cross-Channel journey from the UK to France.


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Your destination country may impose its own obligations test, quarantine, etc.

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You already have a ticket? Continuation of interviews for asylum and stateless person status In order to reduce numbers in waiting rooms and interview rooms, asylum seekers called to OFPRA for an interview are, wherever possible, requested not to bring their children with them hasClass elmt, selector typeof elmt
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I get easily sea sick and the prospect of a disgusting ferry ride plus having to wear a mask for 5 hours was definitely not something I was looking forward to General information on restrictions and recommendations in France and action taken has been centralized on a platform at the following address:
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