Burkini nike. Nike Victory Swimsuit Will Alter The Landscape For Muslim Women

The collection, which includes the Nike Victory Full-Coverage Swimsuit, along with swim separate options — the Nike Victory Swim Hijab, the Nike Victory Swim Tunic Top and the Nike Victory Swim Leggings — brings performance innovation to modest swimwear.

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Courtesy of Nike The final result is something Nike hopes does more than just solve practical performance needs.

Time will tell how many swimmers will be interested in a modest swimsuit that's easy to put on, offers enough coverage and drains of water efficiently.

Yet, while we are living in an era of rampant white supremacy and right-wing policymakers, there are more progressive voices and generations of consumers who are widely equipped, now more than ever, with the capacity to influence society and commerce in ways wholly unimaginable less than a decade prior.

This revelation came from the first-hand experiences of collegiate-level athletes who had to train or do swim rehab while wearing tights under basketball shorts, along with one or two sports bras, then a long-sleeve shirt under a basketball tank top, ending with a swim cap placed on top of a hijab.

You have to find innovation in your own closet.

Most famously, cities across France began in 2016.

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