The hunchback of notre dame. The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996)

The is one of the few versions to end almost exactly like the novel, although it changes other sections of the story Clopin, King of the Beggars; Gringoire, Esmeralda's husband; and Quasimodo, the bellringer, all try different ways to save her from the gallows
An English-language revival of the musical premiered in on October 28, 2014 A trio of living stone —Victor, Hugo, and Laverne—serve as Quasimodo's only company, and encourage him to attend the annually-held
A darker, more gothic stage adaptation of the film, was rewritten and directed by and produced by in , as , and ran from 1999 to 2002 The film was widely released two days later
It seems as if the new architecture is actually now uglier and worse than it was before the repairing Judge Frollo wants to rid Paris of its gypsies, and assigns Phoebus to lead the genocide, but the captain instinctively feels this cannot be right
Archdeacon Claude Frollo - A priest at Notre Dame, Frollo is also the novel's antagonist Despite Frollo's warnings that he would be shunned for his deformity, Quasimodo attends the festival and is celebrated for his awkward appearance, only to be humiliated by the crowd after two of Frollo's guards start a riot
Frollo could also be seen amongst a crowd of Disney Villains in Some translations have been revised over time
Other media Disney has converted its adaptation of The Hunchback of Notre Dame into other media While fleeing, Phoebus is struck by an arrow and falls into the , but Esmeralda rescues him and takes him to Notre Dame for refuge
The altar was finished about 20 years later; the two towers were constructed between 1225 and 1250, and the entire cathedral was completed in 1345 Like his original character in 's , Frollo displays a sadistic and lustful obsession with Esmeralda
Tony Fucile served as the supervising animator for Esmeralda She is one of the few characters to show Quasimodo a moment of human kindness, as when she gives him water after the hunchback's flogging
Restoration projects have continued through the years This revised ending was based in part on Victor Hugo's own libretto to a Hunchback opera, in which he had permitted Captain Phoebus to save Esmeralda from her execution