Peugeot traveller. PEUGEOT Traveller i

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It makes loading of the boot easy, including when parking spaces are too small to open the tailgate.

For those who opt for the seven-seater version to report the availability of the Foldaway table 1,720 euro.

The driver inattention monitoring system alerts him after two hours of continuous driving then every hour if he does not stop.

A partial solution lies in the tailgate glass, which opens independently.

The Peugeot Traveller offers up to 9 spacious seats with 1,500 litres of boot space or up to 4,900 litres thanks to its removable seats.

Of the three, the one with Del Leone stands out for a more chic line, especially in the alluring setting that is also noted for the dark rear glasses.

Offered with two-or four-wheel drive traction, it includes a fan of three lengths compact of 461 cm, standard 496 and long of 5.

In addition to the action in addition to the aforementioned motorized rear doors, there are also the panoramic roof, the front seats heated and with massage, the interior leather upholstery, the head-up display, a hi-fi system of 188 watts and the glasses of the second and third row darker.

Once at their destination, passengers can go straight to their room without having to go to the reception because an electronic key has been downloaded on to their device.

The ones that really are vannish, with industrial cabins of hard walls and bare metal, and year-2000 equipment Its powerful front end shows off its dynamic capabilities, enhanced by various air inlets including the vertical grille and a robust chromed trim
They have different grilles and kit lists, but are essentially the same Peugeot Traveller Peugeot has given this new offer in its passenger car range a unique name
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Simply touch the screen lightly with your finger or use voice control The headlights mounted flush with the bodywork evoke the Peugeot 308 compact saloon
For on-board guests, travelling becomes an inspiring journey that is conducive for business The second and third rows feature split seats that can be folded down in different configurations to suit, where two sections are completely separate and slide backward and forward on rails
In the event of an imminent collision with a moving or stationary obstacle, whether this is a vehicle or pedestrian, the Active City Brake applies an automatic brake The other change I noticed was that the split tailgate is now an option on the active model, it used to be standard
You can benefit from record consumption figures for the segment 2 , a vehicle that is remarkably pleasant to drive and maximum comfort for your passengers A single control folds the seat back and provides a wide passage to the rear bench seat
Specific filtering of the subframe and hinges are designed to deal with impacts and road surface conditions The camera and the radar detect the imminent collision with any moving or stationary obstacle
Comfortable even in Eight Of the cockpit of the Peugeot Traveller 2018 immediately strikes the great airiness: there are several centimeters above the heads of the passengers and moving is easy
The shuttle makes light of urban constraints with its reduced overhangs Please read through them carefully as they include important information about the order process, and may affect your rights and liabilities in law
Its modern and elegant silhouette offers a spacious and luxurious interior where everything has been designed for your comfort Reversing manoeuvres and the vehicle's alignment with parking space lines and obstacles are therefore made easy and the vehicle's integrity is secured
Voice recognition provides additional security in particular for using the Navigation, Telephone and Media features without taking your eyes off the road The arch supporting the touch tablet embodies this versatility by fostering exchanges between passengers
Thanks to its multiple sliding seat configurations and the broad flexibility of use of its interior space, the Peugeot Traveller is also suitable for various family uses such as leisure and sports hobbies Not a van-like car, no, but a car-like van
The driver has the working control that allows him to offer top-quality services: connected navigation, VisioPark, inattention detection, automatic emergency braking, vehicle usage monitoring application, etc Available in 3 lengths ranging from 4
The interior ambience is functional and dedicated to passenger comfort: leather seats, mood lighting, tri-zone climate control with soft diffusion function separate from the air vents and an optional glass roof It is, however, a sensation that fades after a few minutes of use, once found the correct position of the armchair easy, thanks to the electrical adjustments
Peugeot Traveller má okrem head-up displeja ia množstva asistenčných systémov i, aj novú generáciu hlasovo ovládanej 3D navigácie i That goes to make the people in the back feel kindly treated
Peugeot Traveller pôsobí veľmi asertívne a mohutne A producer can visit a potential filming location in an enhanced way
But the actual hardware around you is moderately cheering Separate air-con is provided for the rear half with aimable vents, sunroofs, reading lights and electrical outlets
Na první pohled sympatický a pohodlný vůz si umí také zjednat respekt Alert Zones complete the offer as an option
The passenger car, including both sliding side doors, is displayed in a Dark Copper colour with intense reflections Once on board, the passengers' smart devices automatically connect to the on-board WiFi hotspot