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The album's back cover features the famous photos of the Beatles taken by and copyrighted on 17 August 1967.

First included on the 1966 albums Yesterday and Today and A Collection of Beatles Oldies, depending on the territory.

It later aired on Frost on Sunday by on 6 October 1968, and a month later on.

The video uses a new mix of the song, prepared for this release, which cleans up Lennon's vocal further, and reinstates several deleted elements originally recorded in 1995, such as lead guitar phrases and drum fills, as well as making the harpsichord and harmonium more prominent in the mix.

While a different version was included on 1970 , this version was first included on 1973.


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Statements consisting only of original research should be removed.

Resulting in many celebrities and stars posting their favorites, too.

This was an excellent documentary.

In some countries, the serif at the top is sometimes extended into a long upstroke, sometimes as long as the vertical line, which can lead to confusion with the glyph for seven in other countries.