Delta corona symptome. How to tell if you’ve got a summer cold or Covid

Skipped meals• It also renders vaccines somewhat less effective, If you're suffering from hay fever then it could be easy to mistake these symptoms from Covid
Experts have said often feel from the , as I wrote for the• These rising case numbers are probably rooted in the higher rate of transmission and fatigue around social distancing In most cases Dr Griffiths said you won't develop a high temperature - which is one of the NHS's key Covid symptoms to look out for
Runny nose• More people are reporting cold-like symptoms such as headaches and sore throats as opposed to a loss of taste and sense of smell 3 Summer colds can still happen and it's important you know the difference between a cold and Covid Credit: Getty Expert Kristoffer Ahlerup, director at Enzymatic said it's even more likely that the cold virus will be on the up this year
He explained that there will be a decrease in a immunity against the cold as many people have been reducing social contact and working from home UC Davis Health patients can also call to schedule an appointment at our clinics in Rancho Cordova, Davis, Elk Grove and Roseville
Delta variant could be catastrophic in some communities In communities with lower vaccination rates, particularly rural areas with limited access to care, the Delta variant could be even more damaging As I wrote for the , the most common symptoms include:• Symptoms of the differ from regular coronavirus symptoms, making them difficult to detect unless tested for COVID-19


However, the Delta variant appears to present more like the common cold, causing upper respiratory symptoms such as a sore throat or runny nose.

Here's what : 1.

The continues to be the most dominant strain of the coronavirus in the U.

Delta variant is affecting unvaccinated people more Most patients hospitalized at UC Davis Medical Center are people who have not received the COVID-19 vaccine.

A newer strain of COVID-19 is causing concern as cases are rising in California and across the U.

A study published June 14 in the examined the impact of the delta variant in Scotland, where it had become the dominant strain.

The said the severity of the delta variant remains a huge question for scientists and experts.

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A common sign you may have COVID-19 is a loss of smell and taste, but you may not have that with the highly contagious delta variant.