Butcher the boys. List of The Boys characters

Billy intervenes but is almost overpowered and when Translucent is towering over him and asking if Billy knows who he is inferring that he's a superhero and unbeatable , Billy calls him out on the fact his name isn't even fitting. After it attacked Butcher with its heat vision and permanently scarring his arm, he killed it by beating it to death with a lampstand. " This is more of a sardonic smile of a quote, but it's still enough to draw a reaction. Tek Knight also is shown to have an associate called the Talon, who switches back and forth between ally and adversary. Because its entertaining.
While initially an enigma, it is revealed at the climax of the series that Black Noir is actually a clone of the Homelander, developed by Vought-American as a contingency, in case the leader of the Seven became a liability. Afterwards, Mesmer betrays the Boys to Homelander. An irreverent take on the superhero genre, it explores what happens when superheroes abuse their powers instead of using them for good. To support his mother and his new wife and daughter, he joined the , volunteered for the , and became an army heavyweight boxer. Five-Oh, the team's field leader, does not like when Godolkin professes to be one of "them" the outcast G-Men. They were founded by , their current leader. " It's a sentiment he repeats on multiple occasions, and something which gives him an edge, allowing him to commit instinctive violence without hesitation or conscience. Greg Mallory didn't buy the fact that a Vought-American man felt guilty about what his company was doing. Black Noir explains that it was he who engaged in the atrocities portrayed in the photos sent to the Boys as well as the rape and murder of Butcher's wife , framing the Homelander as a means of forcing VA into giving him a kill order, and subsequently setting up the Boys and the Seven against each other.

Butcher's revenge would really kick-off after member killed Butcher's pet dog Terror.

The group consisted of: Buzz Cut [ ] Buzz Cut is a member of G-Wiz.

She then demands to talk with Homelander outside.

When Starlight joins the Seven, the Deep pressures her to perform oral sex on him.

He uses the Spice Girls as an example of a band that was very popular while together but didn't garner as much success in their solo years.

plays the Female in television series.

As his name suggests he is a Frenchman.

" However, the circumstances of Lenny's death were not revealed until , episode 7 "Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker" titled after the comic with slightly different spelling.

Jack flew back long enough to allow Mister Marathon to board a hijacked plane with Homelander and Queen Maeve before fleeing again.