Florent maite kelly. Maite Kelly

in German Und Florent sah nach dem Treffen mit Maite wohl ebenfalls keinen Grund weiter andere Frauen zu treffen
Den Fran-zosen traf nichtsdestotrotz Amors Pfeil sofort mitten in sein Herz swisscharts
October 2014 Siblings: Angelo Kelly Younger Brother , Paddy Kelly Older Brother , Barbie Kelly Older Sister , Joey Kelly Older Brother , Jimmy Kelly Older Brother , Patricia Kelly Older Sister , John Kelly Older Brother , Kathy Kelly Older half-sister Maite Kelly Education: She graduated from high school in 2000 : Gold• online in German
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Her first solo album was released in 2007 Formats: CD, digital download — — — Das volle Programm• 2001 - "La Patata" is released to a rather confused crowd of fans, with a new style of music and more jazzy sound
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2000 - 4 years later, and many successful albums, Maite decided to return to the USA and continue her high school education The soundtrack was already recorded so you can look forward to wonderful melodies of the new pixie adventure

In 2009 Maite went on with her Solo projects.

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In May 2007 Maite celebrated two great Gala events with nearly 700 members of her Community.


Their style of music is folk, pop and pop rock.