April wetter 2021. April 2021

71" 11 Midwest As described by the , April saw both extremes of temperature but averaged out to near-normal values for the month
The , into the heart of the CONUS, resulting in that across the Plains to Southeast, as well as for the period In Yolo County, California, most farmers and ranchers say this is the worst drought they have seen, even worse than 1977
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Virgin Islands April 2021 was drier than normal across much of Puerto Rico PR and the U Twenty-two states in these regions had a precipitation rank in the of the historical record for January-April, including , which had the driest January-April on record, seventh driest , ninth driest , and tenth driest
Warmer temperatures tend to increase evapotranspiration, which generally makes droughts more intense 32" 12
May 4, 2021 11:28 pm Speaking from South Australia I would point out that both political parties are equally stupid April wrapped up on the dry side of normal for the Northeast with 3
89" 15 Goodale April 2021 Weather Forecast Overall, April will feature above-normal temperatures, on average, in most areas, with cooler-than-normal temps in the United States limited to the High Plains, Desert Southwest, and Pacific Southwest
The ridge , while the northerly flow of dry Canadian air masses blocked Gulf of Mexico moisture from reaching the. The area of moderate drought D1 is gone, but a few pockets of abnormally dry conditions D0 still remain. The greatest amounts of 3 to 4 inches 76 to 102 mm were reported in eastern Massachusetts. Relative humidity over land has declined over the last 40 years and April 2021 shows the largest negative deviation from the 1991-2020 average in the record. Spotty rain and snow showers merely helped to stave off additional degradations.