Kokosmakronen vegan. Easy Vegan Cheesecake

Must admit I was sceptical when I started out, since Im not very good with desserts normally and this one seemed too simple… But wow! Couple of things I did differently: 1 Because my dates were really hard so I gave them a quick soak beforehand. But any of you who have ever had cats know they can smell cream at quite a distance, and will come running to investigate! My gluten free and vegan friends loved it! Or, you know, make them in regular cupcake tins : I made the baked version two weeks ago and decided to give the raw version a try… I LOVED IT! I made it in a springform cake tin and it froze fine. Everyone liked it, only they found the name unfitting. The lemon was a great addition. Instead of lemon-juice I added some diluted almond extract — combined with the maple syrup and peanut butter, it made for an overall richly nutty flavor! I also used crushed graham crackers and coconut oil for the crust and topped them with fresh blueberries.


I otherwise followed the recipe pretty closely.

I do have to say, for me the taste resembles a cross between cheesecake and coconut-cashew ice-cream.

The omnivores loved it, and I got requests for the recipe.

I used to have a New York style cheesecake business … the real thing: 3 of full-fat cream cheese in every cake, butter, chocolate, the works.

Left out of freezer for 15 mins before serving.

Pingback:• Thank you so much for sharing such delicious raw and vegan recipes! What could i substitute the dates for? This was my first venture into vegan cheesecake. Thank you for your great recipes. But that was my own fault. I used peanut butter, mango and blueberries for the different flavours. Something went wrong and they never really worked as a meringue so I threw them out and started over with fresh ones.