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Who are we talking to? Who are you? Who did you murder? We would like to speak to you Is there anyone here? Willst du, dass wir hier sind? May I Ask you something? 7 -2.

Wie viele Geister sind hier drin? Are you angry? the lights in the current room will flicker• Wie lange bist du schon hier? Show you presence! 5 -56.

Wie viele Menschen sind hier? In Phasmophobia, you will see loads of tools to help your paranormal investigation, corresponding to a ouija board.

Who is your victim? 2 -73.

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What is your age? 2, 1. 2 0. Drop some salt at the entrance of the door and glow some smudge sticks or glow sticks and drop them near the camera Ouija Board. Who died? 9 -3. Talk to us! Who did you kill? Show yourself. Tanglewood Street House All Locations Map in Phasmophobia. You will ask. How long have you been here? How the Ouija board works. Wer ist hier• 6, 6.