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9, 2013.

The P-8 Poseidon, developed by Boeing, is designed to conduct anti-submarine warfare ASW , anti-surface warfare ASUW , and shipping interdiction, along with an electronic signals intelligence ELINT role.

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In November 2016, a Russian fighter intercepted a P-8 operating over the , coming within 5 feet 1 The Seattle Times
29 July 2015 Aviation Week
On 23 November 2015, the UK announced its intention to order nine P-8s in the Two aft ventral fins increase stability
India Strategic, January 2013 air forces, approaches 300,000 flight hours of hunting submarines and providing aerial reconnaissance capabilities around the world
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MMA decision reverberates in Italy" India has purchased AGM-84L Harpoon Block II missiles and Mk 54 All-Up-Round Lightweight torpedoes for the P-8I
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20—21 Navy Naval Air Systems Command NAVAIR , 1 April 2005
P-8Is participated in the between and China's. 1, 2013. 5 July 2013. Australia: Commonwealth of Australia. Unlike the preceding P-3, the P-8 lacks a magnetic anomaly detector MAD due to its higher operational altitude; its acoustic sensor system is reportedly more effective at acoustic tracking and thus lacking a MAD will not impede its detection capabilities; India's P-8I is equipped with a MAD per the contract request.