Sananda blog. Brenda’s Blog via Brenda Hoffman, July 26th, 2021

OWS: That is for you to come to discernment on your own.

" Leo Tolstoi "Die beiden wichtigsten Tage unseres Lebens sind der Tag an dem wir geboren werden, und der Tag an dem wir herausfinden warum.

" Geistheiler Sananda "Entweder du bist Teil des Systems, oder du bist ein Feind des Systems! So kindly, please inform me if any job opportunity is available for me Alvin Xavier 14 Dec 2020 04:57 PM My name is Alvin Xavier.

Before Joseph the incarnation of St Germain passed on, he informed Jesus that before He attained His majority he would be required to journey to India to receive training from Joseph's Teacher and Master, the Divine Director.

Niemand! I feel so much Gratitude for both of you and ALL you have taught me these past two years.

The more that you find yourselves in the higher vibrations, time becomes more and more irrelevant.

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Unfortunately his message was not always tranmitted as intended.

He had received no outer recognition from the Master, although He knew perfectly well who Jesus was, His mission and His coming.

Bringing the separation of the wheat from the chaff.

Everything is taken care of if you surrender, and this last death carries the seed of birth, of your rebirth
2021, waren wir, meine Frau, meine Tochter und ich, in einer Schweizer Bodenseestadt in einem Gartenrestaurant zum Essen Your new you formula only exists within your being, for you charted it before you entered the earth in this lifetime
This was done in preparation for Jesus' crucifixion -Achtung: Hier das letzte, also das neuste Klientenvideo, zumindest Teil 1 davon! Even though not everyone creates that 3D life model, it is the goal of 3D children
Du kannst auch zum Roten Kreuz, oder zu den Unterorganisationen dieser Trillionenorganisation, wie den Maltesern, Johannitern usw These blockages cause your suffering and every lack
I will repeat: This is not how it happens, this is just so that you understand that these are vibratory ranges Geistheler Sananda -Achtung: Ich liebe Bibi! So, please consider my profile for your reference
This was a similar situation to breaking the gag order, today, and having the dark Ones always trying to do away with the whistle blowers For that only holds you to the illusion
This state of consciousness is to vibrate Fifth Dimensional Sie sind rund 1 km voneinander entfernt