Bofrost offenburg. bofrost* Offenburg GmbH & Co. KG, Offenburg, Germany

Winners: 5 1961, 1967, 1982, 1987, 2012• Not surprisingly, the team came second-last in 1948—49 and only the upsizing of the number of teams in the league from 12 to 16 saved the club from relegation. 17 December 2005 at the in German accessed: 17 July 2008• Due to heavy restrictions on local travel by the French authorities, the club's participation in football games was severely handicapped and most of its home games had to be played away. The promotion round to the 2. International players [ ] The following former internationals have played for the OFV in the later stages of their career:• in German. After a time, were the club had no reserve side at all, the team has returned to some success, winning the Kreisliga B Offenburg, Staffel IV in 2008 and gaining promotion to the Kreisliga A Offenburg, Staffel Nord. The club suffered losses during the war with 22 of its members not returning from the battlefields. It holds 15,000 spectators.
In 1916, the club won its first local title, winning the Oberrheingau championship. In 1996, the OFV finished second and failed in the promotion relegation once more. Starting as favorites in the 1936—37 season, the club was haunted by injuries all year and in the end only finished second, to the Kehler FV once more. With the introduction of the in 1994 and the in 2008 as the new third tier, below the , all leagues below dropped one tier. The Nazis outlawed all sport and football clubs with connections to the workers movement or other organisations they saw as a thread and the local clubs SC 1929 Offenburg and DJK Offenburg were disbanded, adding a number of good players to the OFV line-up.

The company reports contain information on the company's ownership structure and its 2 shareholders.

As the war continued, young students took the place of the soldiers who were sent to the front line and eventually, football ceased to be played completely.

Its current status is listed as active.

1990—1991• Contents• The following season went under similar circumstances, local champions but failing in the regional championship.

Below it, in the south of Germany, the replaced the 2.

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