Princess anne. Princess Alice of Battenberg

Anne took the opportunity to open the opposite rear door and do almost a backward somersault out of the car.

For his defence of Princess Anne, Beaton was awarded the by the Queen, who was visiting Indonesia when the incident occurred; Hills and Russell were awarded the , and Callender, McConnell, and Edmonds were awarded the.

Anne's favorite dish as a teenager was traditional fish and chips and she preferred similarly no-frills food as an adult.

Princess Anne at , , in February 1973 Anne first met her future husband at a party for horse enthusiasts in 1968.

They filed for divorce in 1994 after 21 years of marriage, citing the fact that they had been living separately for years.

Though Anne was often reported to be annoyed by Zara's longtime boyfriend Mike Tindall's headline-grabbing antics, usually involving his behavior at bars or on the rugby pitch, the princess and her son-in-law have since out in public, particularly at sporting events.

Ball approached Anne's car and told her of his kidnapping plan, which was to hold her for ransom, the sum given by varying sources as £2 million or £3 million, which he claimed he intended to give to the.

Their relationship developed in early 1989, three years after he was appointed as an to the Queen. The Royal Society of Edinburgh. She is also the Royal Patron of , an organisation that encourages young women to pursue careers in science, engineering and construction. They had two children together, Peter Mark Andrew 1977 and Zara Anne Elizabeth 1981. They divorced on 23 April 1992. Meanwhile, Anne and Mark's marriage lasted 19 years before they divorced, after which Anne wasted no time in remarrying. She worked for the Red Cross, helped organise soup kitchens for the starving populace and flew to to bring back medical supplies on the pretext of visiting her sister, , who was married to.