Annabelle puppe museum. Why the Warren Occult Museum Closed Down

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At the conclusion of the investigation the Warrens felt it appropriate to have a recitation of an exorcism blessing by Father Cooke to cleanse the apartment
Fans begin tweeting about her apparent get out after update by someone her Wikipedia page to declare But the real Annabelle is housed in a very special case
Since the last 2 days, people are freaking out that the real Annabelle doll which was stored in the warrens artefacts museum has gone missing According to the Warrens, in the year 1968, two roommates claimed their Raggedy Ann doll was possessed by the spirit of a young girl named Annabelle Higgins Manche von euch wissen bereits, dass annabelle ebenso auf einem
Es geht darum, dass die echte gruselige annabelle puppe verschwunden sein soll! Ed and Lorraine Warren were called to investigate, and deemed that the doll was indeed demonically possessed. The doll in the museum has a Raggedy Ann but it was the inspiration for the vintage-looking doll in the movies. Thankfully, the real Annabelle doll hasn't escaped from the Warren museum because, as Newsweek reports, Annabelle hasn't lived in museum for quite some time. Annabelle puppe hat das museum nie verlassen. The Annabelle doll which currently resides at the Warren Occult Museum.