Armin der cherusker. Cherusci

124• Simek, R. 127. Parragon. 127• hairus, heoru. 131• 130• Oxford University Press. Tiberius denied the request of Germanicus to launch an additional campaign for AD 17, however, having decided the frontier with Germania would stand at the Rhine river. Winkler, Martin M. Varus and his legions marched right into the trap that Arminius had set for them near. He learned Latin and served in the Roman military, which gained him and the rank of a.
"The Roman Legion: Refining Military Organization" 680-687• Godine, 1980
Tiberius, who succeeded Augustus in AD 14, decided that Germania was a far less developed land, possessing few villages and only a small food surplus, and therefore was not currently important to Rome , Annals 2
Historia Augusta, The Two Maximini 12:1—4; Herodian, Roman History, Book 7:2:3• Chicago: states in the : Arminius, with his naturally furious temper, was driven to frenzy by the seizure of his wife and the foredooming to slavery of his wife's unborn child
"Arminius into Hermann: History into Legend" This educated guess was also picked up by , who was a prominent academic during
Philipp von Zabern Verlag, Mainz 2008, , pages 9—29 One of the foremost Scandinavian scholars of the 19th century, , identified Sigurd as Arminius