Verfluchtes andenken wow. Spukhaftes Andenken

It was peaceful and calm.

Dismiss it and zone to get it to reappear.

Comment by suicidalkattThis item is no longer obtainable outside the owners of it during the "Scourge Invasion" world event that took place just before the release of WoTLK.

Keeping my comment for history.

I also can't get a haircut because my character cowers every time I sit down in the barber seat.

Ie Yrel in Lions watch keeps her shield when in eye form, a guard in Boralus will keep the feather quill she is writing with.

Not sure what to do now as still lots of time left and i want to farm more I've had one in my bags since I got one, and I've come to realize that I can no longer throw it to other players
Can see some stealthed creatures• essentially then like battle pets and extra mounts I believe if I have assessed this correctly the item is of no use Freundlicherweise hats mir ein Gildenmate geschenkt, mit dem ich damals schon in der Gilde war und der die Story kannte
a real situation they may have an alt with 20 of these in their bank and would be thrilled to know you'll give them 500g each because they simply didn't know any better because you didn't have your 1 in the AH for 20,000g! This sound is audible to everyone around you; I was driven half-mad during the Pre-Patch event when I kept hearing this sound and couldn't figure out what was causing it Ich habe das Andenken gerade mal aus der Bank gekramt
Once in the phased zone the guards will disappear, and you can continue your business at Halfhill On my main's server I kept one for my shadow priest and warlock, which I also think are a good match for the shade although to a lesser extent , one in case I decide to make a DK there too, and another to sell
Now, you can only carry one at a time in your inventory, which is a problem This item is purely an item of vanity, a representation of the past
1, all non-combat pets will persist through death, portals, zoning, summons, log-off, etc Of course that could also just mean my character is afraid of getting his haircut but I think I'll go with the former
They spawn every 20 minutes 10 minutes now on a specific rotation and can be killed and looted multiple times per day Hab ich aber nicht! I hope this helps
After ive tried to trade for it i got " you cant have more of those on your account"paraphasing
If you bank the Memento and then immediately withdraw it, the Keepsake's specific buff and accompanying shade will spawn instead of the Memento's, but never both at once or a mixup of the two. Reward: " 12 "Go to 71 52 and go through a waterfall. . Why? After ive tried to trade for it i got " you cant have more of those on your account"paraphasing. If you think it is a good idea help me, if you play on US make a post on suggestion forum, if you are from eu post a reply here Comment by 269661Level 1. And no way i'm gonna sell it, I wanna have 1 extra in case I lose my memento.