Germany corona numbers. How Germany contained the coronavirus

On 18 March, Germany widened its travel restrictions to EU citizens from Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, Luxembourg and Spain, who had up to that time been able to arrive by flight or ship.

But despite all the difficulties and uncertainties that lie ahead, I remain optimistic.

Please check with the prior to your trip to find out what regulations apply specifically with regard to the country from which you plan to enter Germany.

On 18 December, Health Minister Spahn unveiled the government vaccination plan at a press conference.

On 8 April, following a meeting with his European Union counterparts the previous day, Spahn said that as the European Commission was not intending to buy the Sputnik V vaccine for the entire bloc, Germany would enter exclusive negotiations with Russia, in spite of an agreement of the bloc in early 2021 to shun exclusive negotiations with suppliers.

On 7 July, the RKI announced that, based on data from 21 to 27 June, the Delta variant had become the dominant strain, making up 59 per cent of newly reported infections within that week.

Pressure by state premiers repeatedly forced Chancellor Merkel to soften anti-pandemic measures.

On 8 March, an 83-year-old resident of the St.

Several dozen residents had angrily demanded on 18 May that the quarantine, which by then had been in place for over seven weeks, be lifted.

Starting from 14 September 2020, the RKI reported on the front page of its daily updates the countrywide 7-day incidence, as well as the number of districts with a 7-day incidence above 50; from 2 October 2020, the incidence was shown separately for those aged 60 and over, and from 28 December, also separately for those aged 80 and over.