Die maschine easter egg. Call of Duty: Die Maschine Zombies Easter Egg Walkthrough

Get up to 30 zombie kills to fill it with souls.

value ,! You need to convince him to work with you with one more trip to the Dark Aether.

This boss fight can be very hectic as lots of hounds and Megatons will be spawns.

If you need to you can drop the agent and pick it back up if you need to kill some enemies.

Interact with both of them, and a portal will spawn in the middle of the room.

Once inside the Particle Accelerator room, look for the Power icon and navigate the area.

You can find the three required parts in the following locations:• At the end of the roof of the opposite side you shot the box down you will see a yellow in the distance.


Pick up the dark aether wrench• Someone else make a shooter with realistic military weapons PLEASE.

This is the decontamination agent, and you need to deliver it to that red case in Medical Bay.

You can collect all three in one go.

Upon inserting the keycard and picking up the now make your way to the spawn area.

WARNING: Before you continue on, you will want to prepare for the final boss battle - so be sure to stock up on all your supplies and finalize any that you want to take with it.

Power• Go through the portal, and now you have to look for the three Aetherscope parts that always spawn in the same location, but a different order.


This whole part will take just about 5-10mins and there is nothing special about it other than killing zombies and more or less defending Olov Now make your way to Plane Crash location and repeat the process
Step three: find the computer password When you pick up the Aetherscope, your mini-map will change with a new scanner, and the anomaly will appear in Medical Bay Updates and Patch Notes• You'll need to have taken each of the fast travel systems in the Dark Aether once
0,configurable:! This tree will have huge spores coming out of its bark Once you have killed enough , discharge the device and watch as the door to the room is blown off
There has to be a purple orb in the thing To start, the small box to receive a Fuse
querySelector " Once you reach the top, you will find a small golden canister sitting on a table inside a small room towards the end of the building
E Shockwave, make your way back to the Dark Aether Portal that can be found on the ground floor of the Particle Accelerator room, just under the Pack-A-Punch machine E weapon and for some reason every video I've watched jumps from one element to another
You will need to interact with the three Anomalies — which look like small blue orbs — and can be found in the following locations:• o e,t Object slice