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MFN• credited the samurai with sole responsibility for the , which enabled Japan's modernization, while the populace merely allowed it to happen A beautification ritual of the decapitated heads called Ohaguro was performed
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Shimabukuro, Masayuki; Pellman, Leonard 2007 Personal life [ ] Bushido lives in , and has been married to Anna-Maria Lagerblom since May 2012, the sister of and ex-wife of
There are many expressions that criticize the samurai who are associated with Confucianism and Buddhism that were popular at the time Bushido is a way of life that means living in every moment, honorably and honestly
During this period, the samurai class played a central role in the policing and administration of the country The philosopher 1889—1960 wrote that kendo involves raising a struggle to a life-transcending level by freeing oneself from an attachment to life
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Devote yourself to training to master a way, avoid evil acts and thoughts, broaden perspectives with arts and knowledge about different professions, make objective judgments etc Also while roleplaying "Bushido", seek to master you're fighting styles

By the mid-12th century the samurai class seized control.

It will drive the idea of an intense duel between warriors.

"Japanese Feudal Laws: the Magisterial Code of the Hojo Power Holders 1232.

There are no arguments open to debate or reasoning, nor distinguish between good and evil and between right and wrong, and one man should know the difference.

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