Tripp trapp newborn. History of the Stokke Tripp Trapp Chair

Tripp Trap is one of the few high chairs that come with a newborn set. The rest of the chair can be cleaned easily using a damp soft cloth. Shop the Stokke Tripp Trapp and accessories below! Also, I participate in other affiliate programs and get commissions on purchases made through my links. For both the 2018 and 2019 line, Stokke also offers a Tripp Trapp Complete Bundle that includes the Baby Set, cushion and tray. Comfortable and ergonomic, it cradles your newborn, lifting them to table height. Der Esstisch steht im Mittelpunkt des Familienlebens, dort genießen wir wohlverdiente Stunden in geselliger Runde mit unseren Lieben. Red-green indicators reassure you that it is mounted correctly while a 5-point safety harness with protective shoulder pads keep baby extra secure. Until now, the Tripp Trapp was sold with a harness attached to the chair.

This is because it lifts the baby up to the dining table height.

This high chair has removable straps, which can be washed in the machine with the rest of the laundry.

Suitable from newborn up to 20lbs.


Some high chairs are difficult to clean since the.

The Baby Set includes a back rest as well as a seat attachment that clips onto the chair.

Stokke has also released new accessories that add fun and convenience to mealtime.

Baby Set attachment with 5-point harness.

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The new accessories can be used with any model year of the Tripp Trapp chair.

This enables eye contact, promoting interaction during meals and gatherings around the table.

For 2019, Stokke is now offering the , a single package that includes the chair without the harness and Baby Set with harness attached.

In addition, if you want a chair that matches your house décor, you can choose the color you want from a wide range.

Since, the chair was not intended for use with infants, but for toddlers and older children, the only accessories that were used with this chair were a 3-point harness and seat cushions.

They also redesigned the baby rail to what is currently known as the Baby Set.

Now, you can also buy just the , with no harness attached.