Foe event 2021. 2021 Wildlife Event

Tools- Individual tools, i.

Windmill This will change 4 adjacent blocks to your chosen colour.

Professional• These are.

50 diamonds per 1 Coin• After completing the Main Questline, you will be able to complete stacked Daily Quests without any delay and after that, one quest per day.

Quests Ms Appleton - Questgiver of the Fall Event 2020 The event features two questlines.

Sweet rewards are waiting for you! Auxiliary Meeting, Wednesday, August 25, 7:00 p.

Cinnamon• Some of these are Golden Idols which help in progressing towards the Grand Prize. There are 3 tools, namely:• Also, upon collecting stars, you advance yourself on the Fall Buffet Table. On the way they will encounter items buried in the sand which might be of value. 84 6 7,980 150 53. Rewards and Prizes The sand contains several prizes and rewards of interest to the player. The 2021 Fall Event is a that will run from TBA. The second number in brackets is for the SAAB.