Du hast mich rammstein. Lyrics for Du Hast by Rammstein

Hast Hasst
"du hast mich gefragt"
Inside he finds different men with masks on Diverdriver from Northern CaliforniaKendra is wrong
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Karol from Toronto, CanadaWho wouldn't want to listen to metal in German? all the other men remove their masks and to everyone's excitement they all begin to cheer! But its actully more about when a man is n love and he is afraid of losing her he can really hurt her and begin not to care about her own feelings providing she stays with him
NEIN! You wouldn't
usually alone and never exposed im not one for the masses
What can i say, bush has done NOTHING for us, apart from put us in plenty of debt, and if you want to hear the rest, look under bulls on parade under rage against the machine Adrian from Little Rock, ArRammstein was nominated for a Grammy for this song, so anyone who thinks that they're a terrible band really has no idea what they're talking about
Nick from Langhorne, Paat around 1:21 to 1:24 in the song flake screws up the piano part and adds another noteā€¢ Daniel from MelbourneCalm down everyone untill death separates you and be loyal for all days? the second last time
thank you for offerring your lyrics and definitions of how it can be received
Unterberger, Andrew 10 September 2004. . All the men in the barn have one thing in common. lyrics. SO why would you sing in german if you don't know it? "Du hast mich gefragt und ich hab nichts gesagt. Du hast5. Language has nothing to do with intelligence, so get it through your head that "They don't even speak English" is not a good excuse foe disliking them. my 2 fav songs by rammstien are prob the most common.