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The Medal may be awarded by the President as provided in this order to any person who has made an especially meritorious contribution to 1 , the security or national interests of the United States, or 2 world peace, or 3 cultural or other significant public or private endeavors. Henley, Jon 28 May 2017. tonal--tone-media. 875rem;top:-2. 3s ease-in-out;transition:transform. Langguth, Gerd 2005. Langguth, Gerd 2005. new-header--open. 0625rem! General Secretary of the CDU, 1998—2000 After the was , Merkel was appointed Secretary-General of the , a key position as the party was no longer part of the federal government. Merkel was elected Chancellor by the majority of delegates 397 to 217 in the newly assembled Bundestag on 22 November 2005, but 51 members of the governing coalition voted against her.