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Number of seats: 6 Number of sleeping places: 6 Driver's license required: B Wide track chassis Roadside Assistance and replacement camper coverage• Nissan spent much of showing itself to be the for untethered remote workers and , and it appears its allies at Renault have a similar nomadic spirit
Renault After a successful 2020 trial in Switzerland, Renault will expand Trafic SpaceNomad availability to five additional European markets, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France and Germany, in early 2022 Turns out, it's the latter — Hippie Caviar travelers can access meal delivery with the tap of a finger against the onboard touchscreen dining menu, and the selected items will be dropped off by drone
si pentru ca mai vrem! or electric vans that serve as their base 2021 holds something very special in store for us
Renault The Hippie Caviar camper cabin is something of a breezy sitting room on wheels, completely divided from the driver's cab by a curved wall that hints at the possibility of a fully chauffeured experience
Renault explains it's been a player in the camper van market for 15 years and is committed to expanding its "nomadic range" in light of the camper van's exploding popularity No unexpected costs
The van will be available in two lengths and four- and five-seat configurations, powered by engines ranging between 110 and 170 hp In fact, newly released photos show the Hippie Caviar layout sharing more in common with a hotel room than the average camper van floor plan

3L, Euro 6 Power: 131 hp Gears: 6 Total length: 660 cm excluding bicycle carrier Total height: 292 cm Total width: 234 cm.

Renault Renault teases that the meal delivery could be part of a greater concierge service, which we imagine could include delivery of sports gear, and perhaps even tour guides and activity instructors, directly to base camp.

30 years of flexibility, autonomy and independence with our Ahorn Camp motorhomes.

Renault previously tipped off plans to explore the distant RVing future with the.


During the rental period you can park your car at our facility free of charge• To immortalise this anniversary in the long term, we have created a special, limited 30-Years-Edition that scores with exclusive special equipment.

Die Bezeichnung Wohnmobil hat sich beim Urlaubern durchgesetzt, wohingegen die Hersteller den Begriff Reisemobil bevorzugen.

The Caravan Salon kicks off on Friday, and we'll be bringing back more details on the show's highlights, including any additional information Renault might release about its latest production and concept campers.

. With three or four people you can use the fixed bed in the back and the drop-down bed in the middle and you can also leave the dinette in place while sleeping Brand: Ahorn 660 Plus Basic vehicle: Renault Master 2. Your search request was successfully created. Cum este un concediu cu autorulota? Driving uphill is effortless and silent For the interior layout look up the map between the photos There are six sleeping places divided into three double beds: a French bed in the back, a bed downstairs in the middle at the place of the train seat and finally an electric bed that can be lowered from the ceiling There are six seats with seat belts available while driving The layout makes this camper not only suitable for families of 5 or 6 people. You can obtain more information on the official fuel consumption and official specific CO2 emissions of new passenger vehicles from the guideline on fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of new passenger vehicles. Unfortunately there was an error saving your email search request. More than one driver possible at no extra charge• With two people you have a lot of space and a fixed bed where the dinette stays in place at night and the drop-down bed is in the ceiling where it will not bother you. Renault will show the Hippie Caviar and Trafic SpaceNomad alongside its SpaceClass Escapade eight-seat sleeper van, a full-size Ahorn Master camper van, and an historical 1977 Estafette camper van. For the luxury camper and families! Our Campers are always in top condition• We'll see if Renault reveals any further details about the concept's electric underpinnings at the Caravan Salon or saves them all for a more formal e-Trafic introduction. You can change your preferences at any time by visiting our privacy page, which can be found.