Safe codes last of us 2. The Last of Us 2 Safe Combinations and Codes

So if you want to go into The Last of Us Part II completely free of spoilers, we suggest playing through the game first and then coming back to this guide for a new game plus run or follow-up playthrough Go back to the board to see the dog or 'good boy' is listed for July 2013
The above method usually fixes it Look for the doggy, and check the date
So long as you are careful and slow, you can easily crack any safe without knowing the code beforehand - but just in case you don't want to, we've got every code listed below ign
Chapter 25: On Foot Seattle Day 1 — Safe Code MS Corporation Soft Drink Distribution Center : 17-38-07• Finding the clue to the safe comes in the Evacuation Letter artifact you can find on the table Next, grab the Pharmacy Note Artefact from behind the counter
Go upstairs to the pharmacy and crawl through a hole in the wall, giving you access to the back room return h
Bank vault — Seattle Day 1 — Downtown Use this code to unlock the bank vault and get the Pump Shotgun Like its predecessor, contains several environmental puzzles
ignimgs Jackson Safe locations and codes There is 1 Safe in Jackson
slice Controls and Techniques• Here you will find a safe inside a shop called Jasmine Bakery
Use the code — 86-07-22 — to open it Chapter 8: The Gate Seattle Day 1 — Code to Electric Quarantine Zone Gate: 0512• Seraphite• The door on your left is locked, but you can break the window and step out on the awning
Does sound like it glitched Scaredy-cats prepare yourself before you enter
ign News• Look for the Lottery Ticket on the cork board
ignimgs Message Boards• Wedding date safe combination — After Ellie sets off on her mission to the hospital, she cuts through a supermarket and passes a bar, Kingsgate Brewing, on the left, and an office building with the rope swing puzzle to get past a locked door on the right
Seattle Day 1 — Downtown Safe 1 of 3 Ride to the ruins of the City Hall on Cherry and 6th and follow the path down into the building The first clue is located on the bulletin board
000Z","publishState":"published","promoSummary":"This The Last of Us 2 Safe Codes guides includes a full list of every safe location and safe code and combination in TLOU 2 Chapter 10: Santa Barbara• The safe itself is at the stern, the back of the ship, on the sun — or top — deck