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Jason from Dover, PaDavid Lee Roth is the best• Three other tracks from the album made the Top 100 chart; "I'll Wait" and 'Panama" both peaked at 13 while "Hot for Teacher" reached 56. Ediie and Dave, you guys are rule. Top 40 Hits: The Essential Chart Guide. 1982• Greg from Wyandotte, MiIn the video Roth's jump is done in reverse play. I almost always come up with a hook before I write lyrics. Lombard said in the book I Want My MTV: "I didn't shoot them together until the end of the day.

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it had the exact same words as this song, not to mention the same overall melody too.

— keyboards offstage Track listings [ ] 7" single [ ]• It is worth every penny. [The synthesizer] is adigital recording off a computer and normally played at a sample rateof 44. The original of the played "Jump" on the arena PA system as the team came onto the ice. Dan from Republic, WaYeah, but what's the meaning behind this song? David thought he was bigger than the rest of them. . "Engineer and Ed put the track down alone in the middle of the night. I still prefer the Van Halen's version, of course.