Doc martens. Made in England

Martens, Doc Martens or just Docs there are no limits to your creativity. . With a diverse range of original Dr. Martens's trademark look and quality construction has been recognized world-wide since 1960. Made in England Crafted using original techniques, our Made in England range includes some of our most iconic pieces handcrafted in our original Wollaston factory. Martens' boots, shoes, work shoes, and sandals continue to set the standard for durability, comfort and fashion. Martens women's collection provides the comfort, durability and attitude synonymous with our brand. Popularly known as Doc Martens, they allow you to feel free to rock your grunge shorts, spike up your hair to the heavens, show off your body art, whatever floats your boat. Manufactured in Northamptonshire by experienced factory cobblers, our Made in England collection features Originals such as the 1460 and 1461 shoe. The 1460 continues to thrive, symbolizing individualism, originality, and taps into a individual's unique style who's willing to make that bold statement.
One of the most respected and well-know icons in the world, Dr. Where the classic 1460 style was being used by mailmen, union workers, and factory workers, it soon became popular among the masses. Martens shoes, combined with bold new designs, our mix of women's boots, shoes and accessories is all you need to empower your self-expression. . .