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Shard Chance Com. For international shipping, please contact us at with your mailing address and we will provide shipping options. INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY IN BELIZE Join forces with Private Islands Inc. Mysterious Shards "The Flying Island is a technical marvel constructed with the help of all space outposts to celebrate their independence. CEO Chris Krolow and business partner David Keener from Vision Properties for an exciting new private island project in the southern region of Belize, Central America. Each Shard needs to be collected by hand and disappears after 1 day if not. 5 Blaupausen•.

95 for addresses in the USA or USD 4.

Renovierungs-Kit• To further aid independence and advancements in space and beyond, the building creates mysterious shards in Cultural Settlements for you to discover.

95 within Canada.

Shard Rare Shard 1 100 19.

10 Agenten• 95 or subscribe to a 2-year subscription for USD 39.

Benutzen auf eigene Gefahr! It requires a connection.

Lvl Req.

Einlagerungs-Kit• The colour and design of the icon indicates which type it is and collecting it reveals the specific prize. Plus-1-Kit• 100 Forge-Punkte• Bei Problemen Panik! For a single issue, the shipping fee is USD 6. " The Flying Island is the only of. This stunning destination is already home to 4 of our successful private island projects, including Gladden Private Island and Kanu Private Island each with high occupancy and 5-star luxury amenities. 00 USA or USD 20. 6-Stunden Vorratsbeschleuniger• Mysterious Shards appear as standardised icons in various places around the Cultural Settlements.