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Georgen","78106 St. The amount of recycling bags that needed to be collected from these local residents had been building up so that the volumes of waste were much bigger than had been expected during the first few weeks. Georgen","78104 St. Third, it would appear prima facie from the information available in the file that the Special-Purpose Association has not only financial autonomy, but also full autonomy in the performance of the public tasks entrusted to it, in particular in waste disposal activities. Such an act therefore, in principle, falls outside the scope of EU law and, more specifically, the EU rules on public procurement.
Remondis called into question the overall freedom of the special-purpose association by showing that at the general meetings of the association there are members of the Region and City of Hannover present. It may have recourse to the services of third parties for the performance of its tasks and to that end acquire holdings in undertakings and entities Article 4 5. ist in unseren Listen nicht enthalten. de ist eine neue Anfrage zu einer nicht gelisteten Abfallart Details siehe unten eingegangen. The Teckal principle essentially sets out the circumstances in which a public body can directly award a contract without competition to a company which it controls.