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The camera in question can be seen on the ceiling top right-hand corner MI5 is set to hold discussions with the Cabinet Office over leaked footage of kissing his aide amid government concerns over a security breach with the Cabinet Office. The summit was just 50 miles from his north London family home, which he shared with his wife of 15 years Martha, 44, and their three children - but Mr Hancock decided to have a night away on June 3. Pictures of the 43-year-old kissing emerged on Friday, leading him to resign as health secretary and leave his wife and children. The shutters have remained down since the news broke. Gina is not the sort of person to get drunk and make a scene. secretly appointed Coladangelo to the Department of Health and Social Care as an unpaid adviser on a six-month contract in March last year In September, as a non-executive director at DHSC, meaning that she is a member of the board that scrutinises the department. The former Health Secretary's now estranged wife Martha, 44, is said to have been poleaxed when her husband told her on Thursday that their marriage was over and he was in love with his aide and mutual friend Gina Coladangelo. But betrayed wife Martha Hancock, 44, an osteopath of aristocratic descent, emerged from her home in north London to walk the dog. The ex-Health Secretary on the night his affair with an aide was revealed• She was suave, composed and elegant. McCann, Jaymi 27 June 2021.