Lok daun. Lockdown

— imposition of direct military control or suspension of civil law by a government References [ ]•. We have 1000s of experts from different walks of life answering questions on the Vokal App. In some locations, windows are covered, and students stand at the back of the classroom or away from windows. — Child abduction emergency alert used in the US• Resnick, Brian 10 March 2020. In epidemics and pandemics [ ] See also: Lockdowns can limit movements or activities in a community while allowing most organizations to function normally, or limit movements or activities such that only organizations supplying basic needs and services can function normally. Retrieved 25 March 2020. The term is used for a prison protocol that usually prevents people, information or objects from leaving an area.

The lockdown in the Philippines started on 14 March 2020 and is one of the longest and strictest lockdowns with varying levels of being imposed on all major islands and cities.

By early April 2020, 3.

Confining all prisoners, except workers, to their cells until the end of the day is an example of a "lockdown period" in a corrections schedule.

Retrieved 15 October 2020.

According to , the first known use of lockdown occurred in 1973, referring to the confinement of prisoners.

, The Atlantic Wire, 19 Apr 2013.

Once changes to the process, or machine repairs that may include adjustments or replacement are effected, a sample run is initiated and evaluated.

Simple procedures can be easily taught with periodic lockdown drills instead of lengthy training.