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Just what kinds of things are typically considered when giving a nickname to someone? We've carefully selected our word groups from straight outta the hood, so y'all can get nuff kinds of gangsta names By the way, this post does not in any way glorify gang activities, it is merely for educational purposes and of course, to help our readers find the best group names
Also you can always name yourself after goddesses and characters from games Louis Triscaro, Louis Milo, George Tufanelli Babo - Joseph Vento Bald Head - Sebastiano Bellanca Baldo - Baldassare Amato Bananas - John DiFronzo The Barber - Ralph Daniello, Joseph LaBarbara The Baron - Nicholas Bonina Barrels - Angelo Lombardi Bats - Charley Battaglia Bayonne Joe - Joseph Zicarelli Beans - Louis Foceri Ben Turpin - Philip Lombardo Benny Eggs - Benny Mangano Benny Squint - Philip Lombardo Benny the Bug - Benjamin Ross Benny the Bum - Benjamin DeMartino Bibba - Albert Barone Biffo - James Macagnone Big Al - Alfred Polizzi Big Ange - Angelo Lonardo Big Carmine - Carmine Russo Big Frank - Frank Pasqua Big Head - Edward Vogel Big Jim - James Colosimo, James Balestrere Big Joe - Joe Lonardo Big Joey - Joseph Massino Big John - John Ormento Big Leo - Leo Carlino Big Mike - Michael Panetti, Michael Polizzi Big Nose Nick - Nicholas Tolentino Big Paulie - Paul Castellano Big Sam - Settimo Accardi Big Trin - Dominick Trinchera Big Tuna - Tony Accardo Big Vinny - Vincent Terracciano Billy Jack - Vito Giacalone Black Bill - William Tocco Black Jim - James Colletti Black Leo - Leonardo Cellura Black Mike - Michael Galgano Black Sam - Sam Todaro Black Tony - Tony Teramine Blackie - James T
Jimmy Blue Eyes - Vincent Alo Jimmy Doyle - James Plumeri Jimmy Jerome - Vincent Squillante Jimmy Jones - Vincent Potenza Jimmy Marino - Vincenzo LePore Jimmy Q - Raffael Quasarano Jimmy Regace - Dominic Brucceleri Jimmy Rush - James Picarelli Jimmy the Bat - James Cardello Jimmy the Blond - Vincent Corrao Jimmy the General - Generoso Barbieri Jimmy the Monk - James Allegretti Jimmy the Sniff - James Ventelaro Vintaloro Jimmy Ward - James Massi Jimmy the Weasel - Aladena Fratianno Jo Jo - Joseph Pecora Jo Jo - Joseph Manfredi Joe Adonis - Giuseppe Doto Joe Babes - Joseph Bendinelli Joe Baker - Joe Catania Joe Bananas - Joseph Bonanno Joe Bandy - Joseph Biondo Joe Batters - Tony Accardo Joe Beck - Joseph Lapi, Joseph DiPalermo Joe Bikini - Joseph Brocchini Joe Cago - Joseph Valachi Joe Cargo - Joseph Valachi Joe Church - Joseph DiGiovanni Joe Curly - Joseph Agone Joe Desi - Joseph DeSimone Joe Diamond - Natale Evola Joe from Pelham Bay - Joe Emanuel Joe Gags - Joseph Gagliano Joe Malyak - Giuseppe Magliocco Joe Padoots - Giuseppe Parlapiano Joe Palisades - Joseph Rosato Joe Peck - Joseph Pecora Joe Pelham Bay - Joseph Emanuele Joe Pitts - Dominick Petito Joe Rivers - Joseph Silesi Joe Ross - Joseph DeNegris Joe Scootch - Joseph Indelicato Joe Shakes - Joseph DiStefano Joe Ship - Joseph Schipani Joe Stretch - Joseph Stracci Joe Stutz - Joseph Tortorici Joe Swede - Joseph Paterra Joe Sweets - Joseph Patterra Joe the Barber - Joseph Barbara Joe the Boss - Giuseppe Masseria Joe the Builder - Joseph Andriacci Joe the Gent - Joseph Schipani Joe the Grocer - Joe Catania Joe the Indian - Joseph Polverino Joe Uno - Joseph Zerilli Joe Yack - Joseph Yacovelli Joey Doves - Joseph Aiuppa John the Bug - John Stopelli Johnny Bananas - John DiBiase Johnny Bath Beach - John Oddo Johnny Coke - John Lardiere Johnny Connecticut - John Busso Johnny Dee - John D'Allessio Johnny Dio - John Dioguardi Johnny Foto - John Biele Johnny Hooks - John Capra Johnny Mag - John Mangiaracina Johnny Roberts - John Robilotto Johnny Sausage - John Barbato Jojo - Joseph Manfredi Juke Box - Fred Smith Larry Black - Lawrence Centore Larry the Hood - Lawrence Buonaguidi Leash - Carl Silesia Lefty - Benjamin Ruggiero, Frank Rosenthal Legs - Jack Diamond Lepke - Louis Buchalter Lew Farrell - Louis Fratto Li'l Augie - Anthony Carfano Libby - Dominic Nuccio Lilo - Carmine Galante Lips - Leo Moceri Little Angie - Angelo Tuminaro Little Caesar - Placido Divarco Little Davey - David Petillo Little Eli - Eli Zaccardi Little Jeff - John Lepore Little Joe - Joseph Notaro Little Larry - Lawrence Dentico Little Moe - Anthony Presenzano Little Nicky - Nicodemo Scarfo Little Paddy - Pasquale Erra Little Pussy - Anthony Russo Little Sally - Salvatore Celembrino Little Vince - Vincent Meli Long Joe - Joseph Bommarito Long John - Raymond Martorano Longie - Abner Zwillman Lord High Executioner - Albert Anastasia Louie Bagels - Louis Daidone Louie Ha Ha - Louis Attanasio Louie Lump Lump - Louis Baronne Louis Dome - Louis Pacella Louis Santos - Santo Trafficante Lucky - Charlie Luciano Salvatore Lucania , Anthony Perna Machiavelli - Anthony Megale Machine Gun - James DeMora Jack McGurn Machine Gun Kelly - George Kelly Barnes Machine Gun Pete - Pietro Corrado Mad Bomber - Frank Balistrieri Mad Dog - Charley Gargotta, Vincent Coll Mad Hatter - Albert Anastasia Mad Sam - Samuel DeStefano Matty Brown - Matthew Fortunato Matty the Horse - Matthew Ianniello Mickey Bats - Michael Cardello Mickey Morris - Morris Barra Mickey the Wiseguy - Michael Rocco Mike Polio - Michael Poli Mike Rossi - Michael Maione Mike Scandi - Mike Scandifia Mike Schatz - Michael Abbatemarco Mike the Geep - Michael Sedotto Mikey Dee - Mike D'Allessio Mikey Boots - Michele Sottile Mikey Scars - Michael DiLeonardo Millionaire Charlie - Charles Matranga Milwaukee Phil - Felix Alderisio Mimi - Dominick Scialo, Gaetano Martino, Michael Sabella Misery - Joseph Moceri Momo - Sam Giancana The Monk - James Allegretti Mooney - Sam Giancana The Mouse - Leo Rugendorf Mr The road will be anything but easy though in a city as brutal and unforgiving as this
Why not use her powers to help him with what he has to do for the yakuza? Vimeo Some articles have Vimeo videos embedded in them Hopefully you find an awesome gang name
He did receive a knife would from his encounter which caused a permanent droopy eye see in picture What personality traits are most striking about this person? Here we present some gangster nicknames for girls
However, a gang could adopt a cute name or a as some sort of irony Laurent Sally Bugs - Salvatore Briguglio Sally Burns - Salvatore Granello Sally D - Salvatore D'Ambrosio Sally Shields - Salvatore Shillitani Sam Balto - Santo Trafficante Sam the Plumber - Simone DeCavalcante Sammy Bull - Salvatore Gravano Sammy G - Sam Giordano Sammy Mintz - Sabato Muro Sammy the Assassin - Salvatore Peritore Sandy - Santino Ruggerio Saro - Rosario Mogavero Sasa - Rosario Parrino Scarface - Alphonse Capone, Joseph DiGiovanni, Joe Bommarito Schalutz - Charles Gagliodotto Schatz - Michael Abbatemarco, Frank Abbatemarco Schemer - Vincent Drucci Scoop - Charles Scoperto Scootch - Joseph Indelicato Sharkey - Alfred Cupola Shears - Salvatore Maneri The Sheik - Salvatore Mussachio Shoes - Marshall Caifano, Joseph Caruso Shots - Anthony Abbatemarco The Sidge - Charles LoCicero Silver Dollar Sam - Sam Carolla Singing Sam - Salvatore Lorenzo Skid - Frank Caruso Skinny Dom - Dom Pizzonia Skinny Mike - Michael Pecoraro Skunge - Anthony Granza Sleepy - Charles Barcellona Skinny Joey - Joseph Merlino Skinny Mike - Matthew Cuomo Slim - Gus Alex Smitty - Thomas D'Angelo Smokes - William Aloisio The Snake - Carmine Persico Snorky - Alphonse Capone Socks - Joseph Lanza Sonny - John Franzese Sonny Black - Dominick Napolitano Sonny Red - Alphonse Indelicato Sparky - Dominic Corrado Specs - Charles DiCaro The Spider - Joseph DiCaro The Spoon - Frank Cucchiara Spud - Ralph Vicaro Staten Island Joe - Joseph Riccobono Stevie Blue - Stephen Locurto Strongy - Frank Ferrera Stymie - Mark Maiuzzo Swat Mulligan - Dominick Ciaffone Sylvester - Arnold Squitieri T Balls - Anthony LoPinto Tano - Thomas Lococo Tea Bags - Anthony LoPinto Teddy the Bum - Theodore DeMartino Teets - Sam Battaglia Teflon Don - John Gotti The Breeze - Frank Calabrese The Shadow - Ferdinand Boccia Three-Finger Brown - Tommy Lucchese Tico - Anthony Antico Timmy Murphy - Thomas Pecora Toddo - Gaetano Marino Tokyo Joe - Ken Eto Tom Mix - Joseph Rosato, Salvatore Santoro Tommy Brown - Tommy Lucchese Tommy Bull - Tommy Penocchio Tommy Bullets - Thomas Licata Tommy Dio - Thomas Dioguardi Tommy Palmer - Thomas Greco Tommy Ryan - Thomas Eboli Tommy Sneakers - Thomas Cacciopoli Tommy the Priest - Thomas Musto Tommy Twitch - Thomas Cacciopoli Tony Andrews - Anthony Florio Tony Bananas - Antonio Caponigro Tony Bender - Anthony Strollo Tony Boy - Anthony Boiardo Tony Canadian - Anthony Sandrelli Tony Cheese - Anthony Marchitto Tony Ducks - Antonio Corallo Tony Jack - Anthony Joseph Giacalone Tony Katz - Anthony Albanese Tony Long - Anthony Cimini Tony Mack - Anthony DeMonte Tony Moon - Anthony Ciccone Tony Pro - Anthony Provenzano Tony Shots - Anthony Abbatemarco Tony Skunge - Anthony Granza Tony Tea Bags - Anthony LoPinto Tony the Bum - Anthony DeMartino Tony the Chief - Cassandro Bonasera Tony the Cripple - Anthony Cassetta Tony the Geep - Anthony Sedotto Tony the Sheik - Anthony Carillo Tony the Wig - Anthony Vazzano Toto - Salvatore D'Aquila, Salvatore Trafficante Tough Tony - Anthony Anastasio, Anthony Capezio Trigger Mike - Mike Coppola Tugboat - John Tognino
Anyone, any day can decide that they want to be called something, but a name given by someone else as much more meaning behind it! By the late 80s, it was a rising art form and was scaring the music industry with the speed of its meteoric rise Is it all part of some greater conspiracy? So with some anime about gangs and some with gangs setting the background and tone for the rest of the show, here is our list of the Top 10 Gang Anime
These gangs all have one thing in common You can use Gangster and Rapper Generators on social media
The was founded in 1948 and is considered a criminal gang by American law enforcement agencies, particularly for their involvement in and violent crimes Most of the comedy comes from the larger-than-life cast; whether it's Takashi, and his aspirations to become a comedian, potential robot delinquent Shinichi Mechazawa, Freddie, who bears a striking resemblance to a world-famous rock legend, or Gorilla, who is…well…a gorilla
The true pinnacle of cinematic anime, Akira is a sci-fi, gangland staple that belongs in the collection of any true fan A number of underworld figures did not approve of their widely used nicknames and discouraged their use

Gang Names from Latin America Image Source — Latin America is regarded as , and as expected the Gangs from Latin America are.

Nigga Break Bread You might also like this: Biker Gang Names 55.

Many are violent and intense, with a lot of brawls and gunfights.

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Koko has a dream of creating world peace through her illegal arms dealing and travels the globe pursuing her dream.

Additionally, we have also listed several gang name ideas for you; funny hang names, cool gang names, biker gang names, and even gang names for female groups.

Asian gang names Japanese gangs, Chinese gangs, etc.

Alice may seem like just a cute girl with an army of stuffed animals, but Kamisama no Memochou is actually full of excitement and violence.

More uses include searching for girl gang names or fake gang names for fictional writing.