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The PUR and the Brita both feature a one-click installation system with no tools required.

Basic Light Source Type• SCHNELLE LIEFERUNG Mehr als 1.

Product Details Spec Sheets Features• Mercury• Certified BPA-free.

Jetzt wird nicht mehr im Dunkeln getappt — PUR LED Technik erfindet sich neu.

Reduces chlorine• Although this water filter does not work fast, it can deliver high quality water.

Finish:White Antimicrobial Polyester Powder Coat• Wet Location• A LED light is included in the Brita filter to make it easy to identify when a change is required.

5" Diameter System: 1 year limited warranty.

Depending on the level of water use in your home, you may need to refill the pitcher several times a day.

This is effective against cysts that can sometimes be resistant to asbestos, chlorine, giardia and cryptosporidium.

Cylinder• The pollutants in the water are attracted to the carbon by a natural phenomenon called adsorption.

Symmetric• The Important Factors For Faucet Filters Many of the factors for faucet filters are the same as pitcher filters, such as contaminants removed and certification of the results.