Brawl stars belle. Belle Stats, Skills, and Skins

Additionally, if you have her Super charged, you can fire her Super onto the enemy so they receive more damage, and with her Grounded Star Power, momentarily disarms them. Looking to recruit club members? This also works to get rid of Brawlers with a very high amount of Power Cubes in , who can prove challenging to defeat in the later stages of the game where she is limited by poison clouds to maintain her distance from enemies. Gadget: Nest Egg "Belle places a trap on the ground that will explode when triggered by an opponent. Chromatic: 0. Normal Attack and Super Shocker - Normal Attack Belle shoots a long range Electro-Bolt, dealing damage to any target hit. Multiple traps can be placed around the map. Fast-paced 3v3 multiplayer and battle royale made for mobile! Useful Links Supercell Subreddits• How to get Belle on Brawl Stars Get Belle on Brawl Stars it's not that complicated.

Star Powers Though Belle is a , her Star Powers don't give a buff to her attacks.

Even if Belle fires another Super onto another enemy Brawler before the 3 seconds are up, the initial target is still unable to reload.

Super Ability: Spotter• It is better to keep away from your enemies and focus on hitting them from afar.

The game got 4.

Collect unique skins to stand out and show off.

And not only that, it will also pass the energy to a third and even a fourth enemy if they are close to the second Enemies who trigger the trap take 500 damage and are slowed for 3 seconds
Currently you can get it through the Brawl Pass, which means that you must buy it with real money, or buy it using gems You can custom the emulator settings, such as FPS, to enjoy a better and smoother gaming graphics
4 out of 5 on Google Play, which proves to be another incredible work from Supercell She can attack the robot if its following a Brawler and the attack keeps bouncing between the robot and the Brawler, thus causing the Brawler to have less health or even get defeated
If you want to know how to get other brawlers you can visit the other entries that we have on the page Collect and hold 10 gems to win, but get fragged and lose your gems
Gadget: 2 Legendary: 0
Brawler Special: 2 Only one target can be marked at a time
Play with friends or solo across a variety of game modes in under three minutes Use the gadget if tanks are following you• Grounded "Getting marked by Belle's Super prevents the target from reloading for 3 seconds
This will also drastically improve your gameplay, helping you with other brawlers as well
A long-range electric shot bounces on enemy targets after it has connected to one Her Nest Egg Gadget is great to trap choke-points on maps such as , , , or as it can force Brawlers to walk over her traps, giving the opportunity for a good ambush
Unlike Piper, she lacks a movement ability to escape close range Brawlers who dive her The "new editor" tag is removed 4 days after you join the wiki