Dacia spring förderung. Dacia is making electric mobility accessible with the Spring.

2 ft-lb foot-pounds Regenerative braking Regenerative braking is a typical feature of electric vehicles, in which the electric motor uses the vehicle's kinetic energy to save power or stores it for later use.

9 ps metric horsepower Torque Torque is the driving force of an electric motor and is the rotational equivalent of a linear force.

About us Renault Group is at the forefront of a mobility that is reinventing itself.

This makes the Spring a perfect ride for in-city and countryside travel alike.

7 in inches 1770 mm millimeters Height The distance from the ground to the top of the electric car.

Used to track the information of the embedded YouTube videos on a website.

Rack and pinion Type of power steering Information about the type of power steering used in this model.

2021 Market Markets in which this electric vehicle is available.

Die Angaben beziehen sich nicht auf ein einzelnes Fahrzeug und sind nicht Bestandteil des Angebots, sondern dienen allein Vergleichszwecken zwischen den verschiedenen Fahrzeugtypen.

990 Euro.

Netto-Listenpreis des Basismodells maximal 65.

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8 million vehicles in 44 countries.

In addition to its version for private individuals, the Spring Electric will have a specific version for car-sharing services and a Cargo utility version.

Reine Elektrofahrzeuge werden mit bis zu 9.

Europe Body style, dimensions, volumes, weights.

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000 Euro• Man ist unschlagbar preiswert in der fast nackten Grundausstattung.

Zur grafischen Darstellung der Energieeffizienzklasse klicken Sie.

6 m meters 31.