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Love Marlene : This organisation is an absolute disgrace It didn't matter that we were a customer of 18 years and a Diamond VIP, all of it is totally WORTHLESS! Furthermore, with the need to contact Sky 4 times in the last week, they can't access my account - 4 advisers had issues getting into my account, with one telling me it was cancelled and another telling me it has someone else's name??? Redialled and asked to go to the upgrade department, got through to a call centre in Asia
; Der wunderbare Mr Emailed to complain and was told to call
This team is run buy bullies, unhelpful, rude and outright rude after the request was made for the transfer and Sky realised we were on our way out, even more trouble and obstruction began
Sky Kontaktformular statt Servicenummer Als Alternative zum telefonischen Kontakt bietet Sky auch ein Kontaktformular an Used under License by Tata Sky Limited
Sky emailed me to confirm that I was going to leave them All rights reserved
All rights reserved. I have been lied to by sky, on numerous occasions. Sky then lied to me again and said that I have a 12 month warranty form Apple and a further 12 month given by sky, so they can fix for free. I have an iPhone XS and all of a sudden out of the blue the Face ID stopped working. Wo finde ich die Hotline Nummer von Sky Ticket? Then comes the threatening emails with debt collection agencies and possible legal action. This issue has been present for more than 18 months and still isn't fixed. Weitere Tipps und Tricks findest du im und in der.