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Or should retail CBDC accounts be held by private institutions, with central banks only handling wholesale settlement, as now? There is now the possibility — necessity, in my view — of augmenting cash with central bank digital currencies.

A related choice concerns whether retail CBDCs should be account-based or take the form of a digital wallet.

The system delivers a decision within about three minutes, and Alex can fund an account within a few hours.

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Both are problematic, in different ways.

On this, the BIS favours a system built on digital, not paper, IDs.

Wakeman, the company's chief financial officer, began taking on COO responsibilities late last year and has been transitioning into the new role with guidance from Heminway.

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If the same happened on a bigger scale with, say, Facebook, it would be even worse.

Read more:• The same concern arises with stablecoins.

How should central banks respond to digital technology? Sales• 5; BMWi, Monitoring Report Wirtschaft DIGITAL 2017, S.

Evidently, in a crisis, money might run into CBDCs from other liquid assets, including conventional bank deposits.