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Mit stolz verkünden wir, dass wir erneut den bayerischen Landessieger im Gebäudereiniger-Handwerk in unserem Team haben. Moulded Optics and blankmoulding technology Moulded Optics is one of the few companies in the world that are able to use advanced blank-moulding technology to produce a wide range of high-precision components of optical glass. Wir danken ihm für die Bereicherung unseres Teams! Whether steel or aluminum investment castings - we are your partner for the realization of your investment casting idea. Moulded Optics and our approach Absolutely everything that is developed, engineered and produced by Moulded Optics has to do with optics-design, production and implementation. Mechanical engineering covers numerous areas of application with a wide range of different requirements. Saving weight through lightweight construction — by means of modern simulation programmes we render your investment casting part lighter and therefore more efficient. Quality and precision are the preconditions for all products that leave our company. Cold-rolled steel strip is used in the household appliance industry e.

Bereits seine Ausbildung zum Gebäudereiniger, welche er 2014 abschloss, absolvierte er bei uns! Our products are made with the knowledge of several generations of wooden toy makers and craftsmen and represent our deep relatedness to our home and the traditions of the Erzgebirge.

Electrogalvanized steel strip is available with a galvanized coating on one or both sides.

Moulded Optics and speed Moulded Optics produces blank-moulded components of optical glass for customers throughout the world.

Durch diese sehr guten Leistungen konnte er sich für den Leistungswettbewerb des Deutschen Handwerks 2018 qualifizieren.

Our dedicated employees in the areas of engineering, production and customer service have the years of hands-on experience it takes to meet the needs of our customers.