Optoma cinemax p2. Optoma CinemaX P2 4K projector review

The one thing that Optoma did this time around though is reducing the brightness to make this second generation model less expensive Suuuuuper frustrating
25:1 throw ratio is not as short as on some competitors, which means you'll need more distance from the wall Object
It seems like laser UST projectors in that 3-5K sweet spot are coming out of the woodwork and yet not a whisper on standard mounted projectors ls Looking for a manual? Number of questions: 7 Do you have a question about the Optoma CinemaX P2 or do you need help? So I wasn't suprised when a couple of attempts to calibrate the HDR mode resulted in a worse-looking image than what I started with
I'm not a screen expert but to the naked eye would you say there is a considerable difference between a white matte screen and a ALR screen? Thank you for the wonderful review I performed measurements on the P2 using , an , and a
The HDR Brightness control, which is easily accessible by pressing and holding the Menu button to call up a small slide-out menu, can be set to Detail, Film, Standard, or Bright At a metre away from the wall, the P2 was able to project a picture 3m across for us
Felipe Felipe Unless you only plan on using a projector any projector in a pitch-dark room, ALR screen will give you a better picture
The soundstage is clear and wide You can enjoy TV programs like World Cup games or Blue Planet at home with stunning HDR effects
I often go back to the well-saturated Blu-ray transfer of Apollo 13 to check for the neutrality of whites and the authenticity of familiar colors push r