Charite serie. Charité

Sauerbruch doubts something like this could happen in the hospital and also denies any rumors about human experiments on disabled people and Nazi prisoners Paul Lohmann, a soldier and former comrade of Otto who gets treated with Sauerbruch's new form of surgery, is suspected to have shot himself in the leg
Ida can finally talk about her inner conflict with Hedwig: Should she really study medicine in Switzerland rather than get married? While Ida's job at the clinic gets her interested in medicine, artistically talented Georg is just studying for his father's sake Her daughter doesn't show any life signs, but is successfully revived by the doctors
Charité students can spend up to a year at a foreign medical school with exchange partners such as the , , , , , and the Die zweite Staffel spielt in der am Ende des
Jung and Margot Sauerbruch fear that Fritz Kolbe, the lover of Sauerbruch's secretary Maria Fritsch, is a spy who gives clinic intel to his superiors She becomes apathetic when she learns that her missing son probably died
This is why she reveals his relationship with Martin to the police who arrest both He notices that an admitted boy is Jewish, but doesn't give him away
Students are also encouraged to participate in research projects, complete a dissertation, or join Charité affiliated social projects Anni doesn't believe him, but realizes the truth when she looks at documents about her husband's experiments and discovers that all test subjects are disabled