Glacier gin. Weisshorn Glacier Gin, Cold distilled Gin handcrafted at 2000m in the Swiss Alps

You deserve it
Gold Medal winner at 2017 Sip International It features the Spectacled Bear, a treeclimber with a diet of gin botanicals — berries, bulbs, honey, fruits, sugarcane and palm hearts — as well as their copper pot still called Endeavour
And yet water is often overlooked when discussing the quality of a drink Our house distilled rye whiskey is sweetened with honey and flavored with orange and aromatic spices
Distilled for more complexity on the finish, this rye begs to be savored
Gold Medal winner at 2021 International Whisky Competition for the Best Flavored Whiskey Our micro-distillery is inside a small, vintage wooden cabin that dates back to the 1800s
This three-year-old straight rye whiskey is a deep, red-hued amber with a nose of toasted vanilla A cherry bourbon made by blending cherry brandy distilled from Flathead Lake cherries with bourbon to give authentic cherry overtones and a slight sweetness while keeping an authentic bourbon finish

The grape-based spirit gives a unique mouth-feel and stage for the botanicals to sing.

Glacier water from the Andes collected from 4000m above sea level.

Silver Medal winner at 2019 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

The gin also uses a number of local botanicals, including dandelion, juniper, lemon, and several others.

Traditional botanical include juniper, and exotic botanicals used include Peruvian coriander, Peruvian lime, Valencia orange, aguaymanto more commonly known as cape gooseberry and pink peppercorn grown near the distillery.

The bottle is made from recycled glass, resembling a hip flask and on the back of the label is an expedition map dating back to 1932 of the Cordillera Blanca, which inspired them to find the perfect water source for their gin.

Try drinking the gin Chandolin-style: bury your Weisshorn in the snow or your nearest freezer ; chill until frozen and serve as an extra-dry martini or sip it neat with a glass of iced tonic water on the side.

A lighter-bodied whiskey distilled in the Scotch tradition.

An old recipe that allegedly cured what ailed you.

The label on the bottle hints at this story too, including both the Union Jack and Peruvian flag.