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Sometime before the series started, Ben had crushed his hip when he jumped from a height of 100 feet to save a drowning fisherman A police officer who patrols the beach but hates the water
written by 1 episode, 1994
She is a lover of animals Ben had a close relationship with Mitch Buchannon, and served as a mentor to him
Jessica "Jessie" Owens ; season 9 ; continued onto Baywatch: Hawaii - Jessie first came to Baywatch as a cleaner, who occasionally made mistakes, but after the other lifeguards saw how talented she was in saving lives, she was added to the team She developed a romantic relationship with Mitch Buchannon, and the two became very serious
Captain Thorpe promoted Ben to lieutenant instead of firing him Herbert, Steven December 25, 1990
1 and leaves in "The Red Knights" episode 4
, a newspaper advice columnist, pitched the move to executive producer Season 5 Episode 1• Craig returns to LA to defend a who is preparing his deathbed
Her attitude sometimes makes her fall out with the other lifeguards but she is an asset to the team She was 17 years old when she joined Baywatch in season three
Topics from and attacks to serial killers serve as plot conflicts on the show