Herzinsuffizienz. Heart failure

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence: Clinical Guidelines. Causes [ ] It is important to note that heart failure is not a disease itself, it is a syndrome caused by other disease, thus establishing the underlying cause of the heart's failure is vital to diagnosis and treatment. Immediate treatments usually involve some combination of vasodilators such as , diuretics such as , and possibly. 117 4 : e25—146. Je nach Ursache Operation z.
Diagnosis [ ] No diagnostic criteria have been agreed on as the for heart failure London UK : Royal College of Physicians
A 2016 Cochrane review found tentative evidence of longer life expectancy and improved left ventricular ejection fraction in persons treated with bone marrow-derived stem cells Mit dem Alter tritt ebenso eine geringe Abnahme der systolischen Funktion auf
19 1 : e18 This degree of risk of death is similar to some cancers
12: CD007888 In Ruhe treten noch keine Beschwerden auf
This includes , , , , , , , and August 2016
Certain calcium channel blockers, such as and , are known to , thus are not recommended in people with heart failure with a reduced ejection fraction 119 14 : 1977—2016
International Journal of Cardiology Liu F, Chen Y, Feng X, Teng Z, Yuan Y, Bin J 5 March 2014
Physical examination may reveal pitting peripheral edema, ascites, , and Bei schweren Klappen-Erkrankungen kann eine Operation mit Klappen-Rekonstruktion oder -Ersatz durch eine biologische oder mechanische Klappen-Prothese notwendig sein
Sie ist oft idiopathisch und wird als dilatative kongestive, hypertrophe oder infiltrativ-restriktive oder Kardiomyopathie mit apikaler Ballonierung bezeichnet auch bekannt als Takotsubo oder Stress-Kardiomyopathie Another symptom of heart failure is : a sudden night-time attack of severe breathlessness, usually several hours after going to sleep
38 2 : 53—7 295—302