Merge dragons herausforderung 21. Merge Dragons Challenge 16 (actual runthrough) : MergeDragons

Go for 5 For merging the players need at least 3 objects With all these things the game is becoming entertaining by paying attention to the match-3 concept
For more, you can choose the way of some basic tips They are trying to know how to get more and collect sufficient value
Go on like this until all the lands are once again alive, there is no grey matter, and all creatures that are connected to their location mean you have finished The currency can be used for different types of activities such as — upgrading the characters, buying items and so on
You can tap on them, but matching them is far more effective The last task of each level is to match 5 Gaia statues, which will reward you with a bounty of treasure, which you can take back to your camp
One way to quickly progress through each level is to prioritize matching eggs in order to create dragons as dragons are the key to healing your land You can spend your spare time saving the land of the mythical dragon and becoming the hero of the dragon world
Merge Dragons Herausforderung 21 benötigt wohlüberlegtes Vorgehen Wenn ihr in Merge Dragons Herausforderung 21 einfach so drauf los spielt, werdet ihr schnell scheitern
The chests can help you in getting different types of useful objects The incredibly diverse and extremely adorable dragon species will definitely make you enjoy the delights
Fortunately, Zomblins cannot destroy the valleys Matching 5 of something, however, gives you a bonus object
Life Orbs are a lot more effective when it comes to its healing properties What makes this particular game unique is that you can match and merge any items which can be found on your island

If you are going to merge 3 objects, then you will get 1 clover, and in the case of 5 objects, it becomes 2.

Pour vous accompagner dans cette aventure et haute en couleur, on vous proposons.

Keep your dragons busy farming the resulting high level life flowers, since you'll need a lot of hearts to heal non-super-dead land.

You'll want to unlock the totem in the center quickly, and you can do so immediately with just the dragon eggs and 2 purple mushrooms.

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By choosing the way of rock harvesting, you can easily get a good amount of bricks.