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Johnson attempted in vain to capitalize on Kennedy's youth, poor health, and failure to take a position regarding Joseph McCarthy
The Social Gospel explicitly inspired his foreign-policy approach to a sort of Christian internationalism and nation-building t-light
t-light forces too quickly from South Vietnam before the South Vietnamese were able to defend themselves
cd--idx-0 In the clinical trials, the vaccine had high efficacy at preventing hospitalization and death in people who did get sick
Long-term estimates of the bombing campaign ranged from an expectation that Hanoi would rein in the Viet Cong to one of provoking Hanoi and the Viet Cong into an intensification of the war Johnson was awarded the posthumously in 1980
cn-list-xs Johnson created the to study the problem of urban riots, headed by Illinois Governor
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While the Tet Offensive failed militarily, it was a psychological victory, definitively turning American public opinion against the war effort zn-right-stack-bg-inline

There were bright spots; in January 1967, Johnson boasted that wages were the highest in history, unemployment was at a 13-year low, and corporate profits and farm incomes were greater than ever; a 4.

Even then they argued about procedural matters until after Nixon took office.


References• Hubert Humphrey's selection as vice president then became a foregone conclusion and was thought to strengthen Johnson in the Midwest and industrial Northeast.

Johnson responded with a recommendation that the United States gain the leadership role by committing the resources to embark on a.

In a message from Moscow, Soviet Premier said, "If you want war you're going to get war.

Johnson later in the campaign expressed assurance that the primary U.


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