Reising ackermann. Heteromorphic variants of chromosome 9

, in patients with complement deficiencies, the respective percentages of patients from non-consanguineous vs. The patients were acquired in different countries during routine diagnostics; all of them signed informed consent forms that they agree in the fact that research and publication is done with their samples. , Mazaurik, M. 11 and RP11-88I18 in 9q21. 3 six further variants of pericentric heterochromatin of chromosome 9 were reported by others before. The second was recorded 3 years later. , Martin, T.

55CIBSS — Centre for Integrative Biological Signalling Studies, University of Freiburg, Freiburg, Germany Introduction: The German PID-NET registry was founded in 2009, serving as the first national registry of patients with primary immunodeficiencies PID in Germany.

Collodel G, Moretti E, Capitani S, Piomboni P, Anichini C, Estenoz M, Baccetti B: TEM, FISH and molecular studies in infertile men with pericentric inversion of chromosome 9.

Conclusions Based on this largest study ever done in carriers of chromosome 9 heteromorphisms, three of the 24 detailed variants were more frequently observed in Western than in Eastern Europe.

MS Excel Microsoft, USA software was used for the remaining statistical analyses.

, Reising-Ackermann, G.

A founder effects for these variants might be considered.

The median current age was similar in male vs.