Brillante virtuoso. Latest twist in the Brilliante Virtuoso

Findings of fact In his judgment, Mr. Suez Fortune Investments Ltd and Piraeus Bank SA v Talbot Underwriting Ltd and others [2015] EWHC 42 Comm the " Brillante Virtuoso". The last voyage of the Brillante Virtuoso. Other inquiries continued. Related articles:• The mortgagee interest underwriters, and the Bank, said that it was not. The relevant expenses would have been incurred whether the Vessel was insured or not and were not incurred for the benefit of the insurers. The fire re-ignited in the purifier room whilst Poseidon were there, and the only way this could have happened was by human intervention — there was clear evidence that a tap had been broken off from a diesel oil service tank and later reconstructed to conceal its prior removal.